The advantages of training at EduPharma

EXCELLENCE We offer excellent programs that exceed industry standards. Our programs are designed to meet and exceed industry expectations. All our courses provide for the most updated information with real case studies.

ACCESSIBILITY Our tuition fees are accessible to the individual trainee and very competitive for the industry. Clinical research programs available in the market are either very expensive or require extensive previous knowledge. Some progarms are only directed to trained profesisonals. At EduPharma we take into consideration that training and education has to be accsesible from all aspects, and that the trainee is provided with the best.

ACADEMIC QUALITY Our instructors are highly qualified clinical research professionals. Our instructors are scientsts, PhD.'s ans MD's with wealthy background and knowledge in clincial reserach, medicine and pharmacology as well as business management.

DUAL CERTIFICATE Upon completion of our programs, the participants will receive two certificates, one issued by EduPharma and the other by the Clinical Research Institute of America. Our training certificates are  suported by the quality of our programs and customer satisfaction.

 MORE EduPharma and The Clinical Research Institute of America, (CRIAmerica), provide graduates from Science, Health Care and other related professions and disciplines with the highest educational and industry standards in Clinical Research training.  We are an independent institution that provides an unbiased approach to Clinical Research Education.