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Photo Dr. Vera Mihajlovic Madzarevic

Dr. Vera M. Madzarevic has more than 25 years of industry and academic experience and has dedicated her entire life on developing safe drugs.  She is the Director of Research and Development of Global Research Pharma Canada and the Clinical Research Institute of America. She conducts GCP (Good Clinical Practices ), GLP and regulatory audits in compliance with FDA, Health Canada and EMA, as well as conducts clinical trials worldwide. She also educates medical and scientific professionals on clinical research and drug development.

"This book is unique in its type where specific issues regarding prescription drugs are discussed to empower patients and is written everyone to understand".


"The author made every effort to be clear and concise, and to present information in a form where the reader can relate to."

Have You Ever Wondered if Your Prescription Drugs Are Really Safe?

Empowering patients on treatment options allows the proper understanding of expectations and allows them to actively participate in their health care decisions. One component of empowerment is information. Understanding what drugs safety is, permits for better treatment conformity and facilitates the recognition of side effects that may become a serious issue. This book contains information every person that is taking either prescription or over-the -counter medications should have access to. Drug safety is ultimately the most important goal of the pharmaceutical industry, but what does it means for ordinary people? One of the issues regarding drug safety is that drug information on their safety and efficacy in lay language is scarce and not easy accessible. It is not always easy to understand what drug safety means and how it can affect your life. This book provides patients with a simplified approach to drug safety. Concepts are clearly presented, easy to read and with take away points were incorporated to allow further reference. The topics covered include: 

  • The drug safety concept 
  • Brief history of drug development 
  • The randomized controlled clinical trial and evidence based medicine 
  • Risk/benefit assessment and how the decision is made 
  • Drug effects, benefits 
  • Variability in drug response 
  • Personalized medicine and patient centered care 
  • Drug tolerance 
  • Side effects 
  • Participation in treatment decisions 
  • Quality of life 
  • Compliance to treatment 
  • Drugs with special pharmacology 
  • Pharmacogenomics 
  • Dose, dosage, and length of treatment 
  • Dosage forms 
  • Off label use 
  • Slow release/timed release/extended release forms