Clinical Research eLearning Program

We are listening. In the last few months we received tons of inquiries for web based training for professionals who cannot attend in a regular classroom setting. And here we are! We launched on April 2015 our eLearning program in clinical research. Our first course, Clinical Research for the Beginner is available already and at a very promotional price for you.

We have 17 courses planned for this program that provides credits towards the Clinical Research Certificate and the Master Certificate in Clinical Research issued by the Clinical Research Institute of America. more...

Course: "Clinical Research for the Beginner"

Have you ever wondered what it takes to land a job in clinical research?.

First, you have to know what clinical research is all about and the potential jobs, and this course will give you that.

This course is taught in an easy manner and is very informative, where you will find the essentials of clinical research.

Clinical Research for the Beginner will provide you with; 

  • The essentials of clinical research in a very summarized and concise manner to understand the process and to work towards building your qualifications for a job.
  • You will learn about Good Clinical Practices and how it influences country specific regulations,the drug development process and the phases of clinical research and post-marketing research,which are the parties responsible in clinical trials, and what are the qualifications, background, training and experience a clinical research professional needs to have.
  • This course is also supplemented with a complete description of the most typical jobs in clinical research and the not so typical, nevertheless very important. 
  • It is presented on multimedia presentations and our instructor will guide you slide by slide.To complete the course it may take you 5-10 hours depending on your speed and the need to review previous lectures.
  • This course is part of a series of eLearning by EduPharma and Global Research Pharma Canada, and provides credits towards the Certificate in Clinical Research and the Master Certificate in Clinical Research and Drug Development
START NOW, special introductory price for only $ 10.00 (only until March 31, 2016)