This page is dedicated to update on the stage of development of the book  

Do you want to know how the drugs you may be taking work on you?

 With this project, my team and I intend to provide the general public, you, of easy accessible basic knowledge to make informed decisions on their own drug therapies. We planned 3 main layouts being the first one, a BOOK. Yes, a BOOK, printed in plain language, accessible at all times, well indexed, that will provide the basic guide on how drugs may work, what are side effects and how you are informed about them.

In my many years in drug development, I realized that the main user (the patient) of the medicines we develop have a limited understanding of drug therapies and drug safety and efficacy. Every year, there are according to the CDC 123.8 million visits to the ER in the US, of which up to 38% are due to drug reactions, all that at a cost of approximately 173 billion dollars per year. 

With this educational and informational tool we want to make an impact reducing considerably the visits to ER due to lack of knowledge on drug reactions. Kowledege is the best medicine!!!!!

Book Content

Table of Contents


Some history of drug development, and how did we get here

What are drugs?

How drugs work?

The false sense of safety

The hope of efficacy

Efficiency of drug therapies

Personalized medicine and you


The best therapy vs cost-effective therapy

Dose vs. response

Dose vs. toxicity