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What is the program

This one week full time training provides science and medical professionals with the necessary  insights of clinical research and drug development to start a very exciting profession. Our program provides the most comprehensive training in clinical research in Ontario. Enroll now

Purpose of the program

This is an introductory program in clinical research to allow professionals become aware of rules, regulation and requirements in the conduct of clinical trials.

Clinical Trials are the fundamental step to demonstrate safety and efficacy of new therapeutic products for further regulatory submission and approval. Clinical trials personnel has to be aware of the process and regulatory compliance.Clinical Research training is critical to clinical trials personnel to guarantee DATA QUALITY and PATIENT SAFETY. (enroll now)


In a full week you will be introduced to the following topics:

  • Introduction to clinical research. 
  • The drug development process. 
  • Pharmacology in Clinical Research 
  • Ethics in clinical research
  • GCP-ICH Good clinical practices. 
  • Responsibilities of the Sponsors, Investigators and Ethics Boards. 
  • Clinical Research Documents. 
  • The Patient Information and Consent Process.
  • FDA/HC submissions (IND-CTA). 
  • Clinical Study Designs. 
  • Data Management and resolution. 
  • Monitoring Clinical Trials. Auditing Studies. 
  • Safety Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance
  • Risk Based Monitoring. 
  • Post marketing Studies and REMS programs. 
  • The global job market and You.


The NEW One Week Training Program is located conveniently in the city of Toronto, Canada.

International students are also welcome to our program.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond to you within hours.

The e-mode of training 

This is our NEW WEB based training that our students were waiting for. You access the page though our platform (just click the link provided for each course)

There is no need to wait, travel, or spend on books and other materials. All what you need is in each and every course.

And the best part is, the cost is just a fraction of the in class courses, making Clinical Research training even more accessible than ever.

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Upon completion of the program the participant will receive a Certificate of Participation. 

You also can obtain a Certificate of Completion after passing an exam consisting on 200 questions that will take place one week after the last class. The passing mark is 70%. Together with this certificate of completion you will receive the complete transcripts if you wish to pursue further education

Enroll Now

To enroll into this program is very simple. Just follow the link. or go to the Register now page. 

Minimum requirements

You must have an equivalent of a 4 years degree program in science or health related discipline. No previous knowledge and experience is necessary or this course.

Program Length

The full time course in clinical research is a 30 hour instruction and workshops in 5 consecutive days. 


This full time clinical research training program is highly competitive at a unique rate of US$ 799.99  plus applicable taxes.


We provide all the learning materials for the course in the form of booklets and hand outs fully bound. Also the materials will be available electronically though our web site.